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Zagrava Games 


We are a new independent Ukrainian studio of casual game developers with an experienced crew. We are proud to offer you the best AAA-class games, super-skilled professionals and flexible competitive development costs.
We began building iTV games and later switched to downloadable PC casual games. Our crew has developed more than 30 successful games across iTV and PC.
Until November 2009 we were the core developers of two internal studios of Oberon Media, under the I-play development brand. Having gained unique corporate and international experience we've decided to put out to sea and start our journey as an independent studio.

Our staff remains nearly unchanged for all the years of successful operation in the casual games field. It has been this way because of mutual respect, solidarity, understanding and freedom of creativity. We're getting bigger, better, and more diverse every day. We are flexible and open-minded, so we can fit any customer's requirement.

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